Jambo! (That means “hello” in Swahili! You can say hello in your native language)

My name is _________________ (your name) and this is my friend, _________________ (the name of your special endangered species friend).

Today, we took a journey to _________________ (name of a continent, city, or playtime destination; ex. I went to the playground).

While I was there, I encountered a _________________ (something that you would encounter on your journey, ex. a turtle) and we _________________ (what did you and your friend do).

In order to help my new friend _________________ (the endangered animal), I’m going to _________________ (something that will help the planet ex. conserve and recycle, turn off the light).

_________________ (Your friend) and I had something really exciting happen to day _________________ (fill in something that actually happened to you today).

My friend told me he/she/they want to be a part of Team Jambo! I’m so excited to save the planet with _________________ (your friend)!

I can’t wait to see what we will do tomorrow!



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