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Tex’s Bird Feeders

Every journey needs a guide; be sure an adult is by your side!
Every JAMBO’S JOURNEY activity MUST have an ADULT’s supervision.

What You Will Need:

  • empty water bottles
  • bird seed
  • sticks or old pencils
  • string
  • drill for drilling holes


Step 1:
Have an adult help you drill about 3-4 sets of small holes (across from each other so that a pencil can be slid through) into the water bottles

Step 2:
Then drill about 4-5 random holes for the birds to get the bird seed from. Take the sticks or pencils and put them through the original sets of holes so that there are a pencil poking out on both sides of the water bottle for the birds to land on.

Step 3:
Now fill the bottle with small bird seed.

Step 4:
Screw the cap on tightly. Grab the string and tie a long piece around the neck of the bottle and attach the bird feeder to a tree. Enjoy watching birds flock to this feeder!


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