PageLines-monkey_icon.pngPoco’s Profile

Mission statement: Hola, I’m Poco. I am a South American spider monkey. I will be your guide through the exciting SENSE OF TASTE . I will introduce you to new foods and teach you my secret family recipes.


My Role : I am the meal coordinator for your daily journey. I will make colorful healthy foods FUN!

Description: Face it, I’M THE CUTEST! LOL! My Hair is shiny and glossy, and covers everything BUT my adorable little face. My long arms helps me swing among the trees, and my tail helps me grip tree branches with ease.

Diet: I am omnivorous. My favorite ingredients include, fruit, seeds, flowers, roots, and honey. My protein comes from insects,and eggs. See you in the kitchen AMIGUITO !

Habitat: My home is South America, I have family in southern mexico and brazil. I live in the high tree canopies of the rainforest.

Population: estimated 2,000

Status : Endangered

Fun Facts: I don’t have a thumb, but there is a patch of skin at the end of my tail, and it functions like a finger for me.


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