Soleil’s Profile

Mission Statement: Bon jour ,  I am a Mediterranean monk seal, and your guide through the audio world. Your SENSE OF HEARING will open your ears to the sounds of nature. It’s such a magnificent symphony. Se magnifique!


My Role : I love to sing and dance. When I listen to music I feel exuberant and begin to dance. I also speak several languages. I will take you on a journey through music and the beautiful sounds of foreign language across the globe.

Description: When I was born I weighed 30 lbs. I am 2 feet long, and will grow to 5 feet in length. I am grey with a white underbelly, and I have big eyes, flippers, and hidden ears that give me excellent hearing under water.

Diet: I love fish and cephalopods. Cephalopods are part of the molluscan class and include octopus, squid, and cuttlefish.

Habitat: I live in caves along remote cliffs with hidden underwater entrances. I love to sing and sunbathe on the sandy shores.

Population: There are less than 600 of my family still living.

Status : Critically Endangered

Fun Facts: My favorite food is calamari. Have you ever tried seafood?

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