Vicki’s Profile

Mission Statement: I am Vicki, a pygmy possum from Australia. I like harmony in the world. I am VERY sensitive, and can sense when someone needs my help. I love helping my little brother Victor  feel safe and secure in the world around him. Victor has Autism.


About: I teach others patience, and tolerance toward people who are EXTREMELY sensitive.


Description: I am 2 inches long, and weigh .35 oz.

Diet: I eat seeds, nuts, pollen, and moths.

Habitat: My family lives on three isolated mountains. I’m from Mount Victoria in Australia.

Population: Estimated at 1,300 due to climate change, and lack of water.

Status : Critically Endangered

Fun Facts: MOST people have allergies to pollen. Not me, Victor and I scurry through the flowers eating pollen along the way. That’s right! Pygmy Possums LOVE pollen.

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