Jambo’s Profile

Mission Statement: I am an African Hoopoe Bird. I will instill a  SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY for our planet. Together we can  protect endangered species. Let’s conserve and recycle daily!


My Role : I’m honored to be the leader of TEAM JAMBO. Together we can save our planet.

Description: In addition to being extremely handsome, I am a medium size bird at 27 centimeter long, with a 46 centimeter wing span. I only weigh 46 grams (1.6 oz).

Diet: I love berry smoothies. My long beak is incredibly helpful when foraging the ground for insects. I use various insects in my homemade African gumbo.

Habitat: My home is Kenya, Africa. my relatives live through out North Africa , Sub-Saharan Africa , and Madagascar. I nest in vertical surfaces like cliffs and trees.

Population: 50,000 mature individuals are recorded. Please help my family and join the TEAM today !

Status: Threatened

Fun facts: My ancestors are consider sacred in ancient Egypt, you can find our pictures in quotes depicted on the walls of ancient tombs and temples.


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