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Mission Statement: I am a Houston Toad, from North America. I have a SENSE OF HUMOR . I am the comic relief and will try to make sure the journey is side splitin’ fun! As you travel on your journey , laugh a little , that’s it , go ahead , I see you smiling .


My Role: I will help you learn to laugh and not take life so seriously when you face bumps in the road. I will be bloggin’  jokes, and hysterical animal facts along the journey.

Description: I am 2.25 inches and my best feature is my purple adams apple.

Diet: I enjoy grilled fly sandwiches, but I will never turn down my grandmother’s red ant pie. Delicious!

Habitat: I live in pine and oak woodlands, my home is Texas.

Population: 3,000-4,000

Status : Endangered

Fun Facts: To protect myself from scoundrels and predators my skin secretes disgusting and putrid chemicals. Surprise!

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