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Soleil’s Fashion Design

Every journey needs a guide; be sure an adult is by your side!
Every JAMBO’S JOURNEY activity MUST have an ADULT’s supervision.

What You Will Need:

  • a plain t-shirt
  • fabric markets or paint
  • ribbons
  • cardboard
  • pipe cleaners
  • any other items you’d like to use for accessories or to decorate your shirt
  • old newspaper


Step 1:
Find an endangered animal to model your new fashion after. There are many different animals around the world with vibrant colors you will likely want to model!

Step 2:
Set up your work area with newspapers on the ground to make sure you don’t get a mess everywhere! Also place a piece of cardboard under the shirt so that the back and front are separated and won’t bleed onto each other.

Step 3:  
Once you have your design in mind, you can start by sketching it out on the shirt with a fabric pen. Feel free to draw whatever you want and design it however you want it to look. Once you have a basic design, fill it in with paint, glitter, ribbons, and any other items that you’d like on your costume.

Step 4:  
Let the front of your shirt dry until the paint and everything else is completely dry. Flip over the shirt and complete the other side.

Step 5:  
While your shirt is drying, try creating accessories for your outfit. If you decide to be a butterfly, you can create antennae with an old headband, pipe cleaners and pompom balls. You can make a tail with yarn for various animals or tusks for an elephant using paper towel rolls and yarn. Your only limit is your imagination!

Step 6:
Once everything is dried and finished, put on your costume and strut your stuff for the catwalk!


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