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Nanuk’s Binoculars

Every journey needs a guide; be sure an adult is by your side!
Every JAMBO’S JOURNEY activity MUST have an ADULT’s supervision.

What You Will Need:

  • two empty toilet paper rolls
  • felt
  • ribbon
  • ponytail holders or rubber bands
  • glue gun, sticks, and white glue


Step 1:
Start decorating by cutting and gluing felt to cover up each toilet paper roll.

Step 2:
Next, cut different colors of thin strips of felt or ribbon. As an adult to glue these around the top and bottom of each holder for eye mounts. Add colorful ponytail holders for more color and unique designs.

Step 3:
Take the toilet paper holders and hold them side by side and place a few fun rubber bands around them both to hold them together.

Step 4:
Punch a hole in the far left and far right sides of each toilet paper holder. Thread through a bright ribbon long enough to hold the binoculars from your neck, then tie the ends together.

Then you’re done! Go out and test them! You might be lucky enough to see a polar bear!


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