Java’s Profile

Mission Statement: I am a Bengal Tiger from Asia. I am your guide to your SENSE OF VISION.  I will  help you have keen sight day and night. When I wake up I look outside and stand in AWE of the beautiful planet, I look for adventure.


My Role : I will open your eyes to the beauty and wonder of the world around you!

Description: I have beautiful orange and black striped fur coat, fading into a white underbelly. I have excellent sense of sight, this helps me hunt and stay safe when I’m playing with friends away from mom. I have family members that have black and white coats like a zebra, mom says they have ‘mutant’ genes.

Diet: I am a carnivore, I eat meat. When I see a wild boar all I can think is ‘BACON! BACON! BACON!’

Habitat: I was born in India. I was named after my grandmother who lived on the island of Java, in indonesia. My family and I live in tropical forests all over Asia.

Population: My habitat decreasing and the number of my family members is as well. There are very few places other then zoos, where we feel safe. Once a thriving species in Asia our population is now fewer the 2,500

Status : Endangered

Fun Facts: I’m just a cub, but my dad and uncle weigh 550 pounds each. You should see them wrestle at our family reunions!

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