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From Ms. Jen Kopelman

From the Parents


Eleanor R., parent

“Jambo’s Journey has been an enriching experience for our whole family.  It has inspired our daughter to care about the environment and the impact she has on it daily through her choices.  She’s constantly reminding us to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle.’  We love the program and highly recommend it.”

Camilla W., parent

“A wonderful way to teach our kids about the environment. How will they learn how to care for our world, if they don’t understand it? Families make time for play, healthy eating and outdoor sports. Jambo’s Journey makes it easy and fun for them to make time to learn how our environment makes all those things possible. It’s hard to play soccer in smoggy air. It’s hard to eat healthy without crops.”

“Move all those other children CD’s over.  You are going to find yourself grooving to these songs! Carpool will never go by so fast.“

Donald Sasso, principal
Cumberland Academy of Georgia

Jennifer Kopelman was the performing arts teacher at Cumberland Academy of Georgia, a school for students on the autism spectrum and with other learning differences. Her impact on our special needs students is, in a few words, awesome, inspirational, transforming, and yes even magical. I am an educator with over 40 years of experience working with young people, and on more than one occasion I, and others, have been moved to tears when we have witnessed the fruits of her efforts with our student population. Jennifer Kopelman is the real deal.”

Gina G., parent
Cumberland Academy of Georgia

“My son graduated this year from Cumberland Academy of Georgia. That is where we met the most wonderful, energetic and all inspiring Jenni Kopelman! Jen is the awesome drama teacher at Cumberland Academy. Her gift of teaching autistic students how to express themselves through the art of acting, singing and dancing leads to her outstanding success. Her talents go beyond what she can do, but by the talent she pulls out of each and every student.”

Belinda Horne, counselor
Cumberland Academy of Georgia

“Tears stream down the faces of parents as they watch what, at one time, seemed impossible. Their children on the autism spectrum have just successfully, and with great joy, performed a play conceived and directed by Jenni Kopelman.”

“Combining her innate, vibrant acting abilities and her compassion for humankind, Ms. Jen has realized the overall impact of using the performing arts as a growth tool for children on the spectrum. Allowing them to be immersed in creativity and play, she inspires them as they find their own path and step into their self-worth. She effortlessly connects to these children, meeting them in their world and affirming their place in the world at large.”

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