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Mission Statement: I am Whiskers, the Manatee your guide to THE DEEP.  I will teach you to explore the world around you through the SENSE OF TOUCH . Different textures evoke different reactions. So reach out and touch the world around you!


My Role :  I am what you would call a ” tactile ” mammal. I will help you explore your feelings in water and on land. My mom and family are close and hugs are my favorite thing on the planet.

Description: I will grow up to be 10 feet long, and weigh approximately 1,000 pounds. I am covered with extremely sensitive hair follicles, referred to as whiskers , these whiskers help me navigate my way daily.

Diet: I am Herbivorous, I eat floating plants and can digest ten to fifteen percent of my body weight in a single day.The salad bar is my favorite place on the planet.

Habitat: I live in shallow rivers, bays, canals, and costal areas. I was born in the gulf of mexico near Lido Key, Florida. Some of my cousins live in fresh water estuaries and rivers.

Population: The exact count is not available, but my family tree has 4,831 that we know of. I LOVE my family!!

Status : Endangered

Fun Facts: Humans sleep approximately 8 hours a day, I snuggle for 12! I sleep better when I listen to the waves, and snuggle my soft blanket.

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